important theme and reference site

zeerebel — ad placement- selling tools  — very good site – snippet resources

10 Excellent Sources for WordPress Design Inspiration —- a list of a list — good list — a very good gallery of wordpress theme —- very important

20 Specialty WordPress Themes —very nice — very good We Pick the Best WordPress Themes, Plugins and Blogging Resources

We love and enjoy blogging as much as you do. We would like to collect all the useful WordPress themes, plugins, and blogging resources for pro-bloggers. Makes Bloggers life a lot easier.

10 More Great Website Designs Using WordPress As CMS

40 Resources for WordPress Theme Designers — a gallery of free and paid premium theme — professional web designer theme —– any sites that are powered by wordpress — php display — lots of resources —- lots and lots of wordpress resources— most have

77 Unique WordPress Themes —very nice — very nice professional theme —free

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