Make something great. Tell people about it. Do it again.


I recently stumbled on several great online posts  about the creating value added content for the greater good of the community and getting genuine high search engine ranking as a result.

The 1st one if from Derek Powazek

Make something you believe in. Make it beautiful, confident, and real. Sweat every detail. If it’s not getting traffic, maybe it wasn’t good enough. Try again…..

It’ll take time. A lot of time. But it works. And it’s the only thing that does.

The second is from Adam Kalsey

So why does Google like me? Lots of content, of good quality, that gains inbound links from a diverse group of web sites. The URLs never change, and a link out to a fair amount of interesting stuff. I’m ruthless about squashing comment spam, ensuring outbound links are all quality.

The rest is common sense. Write headlines that make sense, use them in prominent places (titles, headlines, and urls), and make it easy to access my content. I don’t do it for search bots, though. I do it for people. Turns out that serving people is the best way to boost your search rankings.

A lot of time my client thinks building a website and putting in the right keyword will get their site listed on Google’s 1st page. I have to tell them the truth and explain to them that Google is like the Cookie Monster on Sesame Street. The more content you have on your web site the higher your search engine ranking will be.

I tell my clients that their website is probably the most affordable but one of the most indispensable way of building brand equity and authority online.

Now this brings me to my next point, if you are still building website the traditional way using a WYSIWYG software such as Dreamweaver or heaven forbid Frontpage to build your static site. You are in for rude awakening. In a matter of months your competitor will leap frog over you by dominating the search engine ranking on all the major search engine. You will find it harder and harder to compete because the infrastructure you build upon is inflexible and unyielding.

Is there hope ??? Yes. You need to rebuild your infrastructure and have a clean start. You can’t have new wine pouring into old wine skin. Don’t go to a company that still build static site. Don’t go to a web company that does not understand how to leverage Facebook, Twitter, and all the latest web 2.0 innovation. For heaven sake don’t go to a company that insist on building a Flash Splash page as a homepage for your website

You can start by contacting us.

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