Twitter Success For Your Business


Twitter Success for your Business is the only video you’ll ever need, to get you going on one of the world’s largest social networks. It is everything you need to know about Twitter to help you engage with your target customers, extend your business network, drive more traffic to your website, increase revenue and much more. Once you’ve learnt the basics, we’ll show you how to use Twitter in a way that will prevent it from taking over your life, introduce you to some clever search techniques, send engaging tweets that will encourage interaction from your customers, market your company to over half a billion Twitter members, share information and ideas about your products and services, build customer relations, create bigger brand awareness globally and measure your social media success along the way.

This course is suitable for anybody whether they’re yet to join Twitter, a relatively new user or have been active on the network for some time. Whatever stage you’re at, we guarantee that you’ll leave this course with skills that you will not only apply when using Twitter, but in other areas of your work life also.

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1 – What is Twitter

Exactly what is Twitter? You’ve probably heard a lot about it but don’t know where to start. In this video, we’ll explain the basics and much more about Twitter, what it does, why it’s there and more importantly how it can help your business. Because it can… and it will help. It’s a jargon-free and must-watch introduction to Twitter and its half a billion members. Even the most advanced and experienced Twitter users will leave this session having learnt a few more interesting facts about one of the world’s biggest social networks and how it will be beneficial to their business, no matter what industry they are in or what type of company they run. Twitter is interesting, fun and engaging if used the right way… and we’ll show you how!

2 – Getting Set Up & Background Images

We’ll show you how to sign up for your Twitter account in less than 5 minutes so that you can get started with designing your Twitter profile. It’s not as easy as uploading an image of yourself! We’ll show you how you can utilize the space you have in your profile to promote your company and win business! You will be shown how to create a background image that reflects your brand and given tips on the right images to use along with a selection of examples to inspire you. Even if you’re an experienced Twitter user, you’ll gain some extremely useful tips for making your background image catch the eye of prospective customers. Get ready to personalize your page the right way, so that your profile will stand out way above the competition.

3 – Profile Images & Your Bio

Getting your profile set-up may seem easy, after all, you only have to find a photograph of yourself and upload it right? Wrong. Before a person ‘follows’ you on Twitter, they first get to read your bio, which we’ll talk about in the next tutorial. However, something much more important than that is your profile image. This is the first thing Twitter users (i.e. potential customers) get to see when searching for people just like you, so it’s not as easy as taking a photo on your phone and uploading to Twitter. You will be shown how to take images that attract the most followers and the attention of your target customers. We will then move on to ‘Twitter Bio Optimization’. This is the process of making your profile the best it can be through using the right keywords and phrases to describe your business or industry. Getting your bio composed the right way is most important… get this wrong and you won’t attract any followers at all. Use the right keywords, and you’ll be sure to attract your target customers and even be found in the search engines. This chapter reveals some surprising information about Twitter and the set up process. Not to be missed!

4 – Time to Follow

It’s now time to start having fun and finding people to follow. Finding people to follow is easy. Finding people to follow you is easy, but in this section, you will be show how to find your target customers. We’ll first show you how to identify them, and then introduce you to several must-have search tools and directories that you will use to find the right followers and ultimately win their business. During this session, we will show you how to send Tweets that not only inform but also engage and guarantee to have followers interacting with you. Upon completion of this section, you will have direct access to your customers, potential customers and the competition.

5 – Get Tweeting

In this section, you’ll be given tips that will ensure you’re sending Tweets that will be read and not ignored. We’ll show you how to compose messages that put across your great personality, and provide you with tips on the right kind of content to post about and when it needs to be done. We’ll tell you about Qpons, offers, discounts and how to use them in a way that will not only attract new custom, but also guarantee repeat custom also. This is part one of a three part section aimed at ensuring you are making the most of your time on Twitter and that your social media campaigns are as effective as possible.

6 – Get Tweeting

We’ll show you how to take on-board the feedback you receive and ensure that you retain custom! Did you know that there is the ‘perfect’ time to Tweet? … a time that you are sure to gain interaction from your target customers. All will become clear as you take part two of ‘Get Tweeting’, a section which also introduces you to ‘Automation’, a magnificent tool which enables you to manage your time better by scheduling your Tweets. There are lots of tips in this section that will improve the way you compose your messages and interact with the people who are essential to your company’s success.

7 – Get Tweeting

In this episode, you’ll learn how to take advantage of celebrities in order to push your product or service to bigger audiences. We’ll show you how to manage your ‘online time’ better, join groups and use images and video to boost your company image and sales. Some people assume that Twitter is as easy as uploading a photograph of yourself and then blasting your followers with sales messages about their products. This is so terribly wrong, and by the end of this episode you will have learnt about who the right people are to be Tweeting messages to and how to compose the perfect Tweet.

8 – Get Tweeting

In the last of the ‘Get Tweeting’ series, you’ll get to grips with ReTweeting. How do you do it, when should you do it, how often it needs to be done are covered and more. We’ll show you how to compose Tweets that won’t result in you losing followers and give you an in-depth lesson in the use of Hashtags. Many people don’t use them and some that do use HashTags don’t use them the right way. Used correctly, your Tweets could be noticed by thousands of people who didn’t previously follow you, but are now converted to customers. We’ll explain trending and how to get involved in conversations with other members through the right use of Hashtags and directories. By the end of this episode, you’ll have learnt that Tweeting information that attracts and retains custom is not as easy as you thought, but you’ll be equipped with the skills needed to do it in just over ten minutes.

9 – Link Shrinkers, Polls, Lists, Staying Safe, Tweeting on the Go

An in-depth look at various subjects that are essential to the success of your Twitter campaign. Link Shrinkers allow you to shorten links you post and measure their success. Polls allow you to gather feedback from those that matter to you and your business. Lists enable you to stay organized and Tweet content to groups of people who share the same interests or skills. We’ll cover these in great detail and tell you how to stay safe online, in order to avoid becoming a victim of identity fraud. Most users are mobile, and are now accessing the biggest social networks in the world via mobile phone, laptops or tablets. We’ll give you a rundown on the top services out there that you should consider using, so that you never miss an important Tweet and respond to it in good time. This enables you to offer the best customer service possible. Twitter doesn’t have to be time-consuming; it can be fun and rewarding if you follow our tips on how to achieve Twitter success for your business.

10 – The Twitter Resume & Advertising

In the last chapter you will be told about a new Twitter service that aims at pushing your skills out to prospective employers. If you are an employer, then this service will also be of great use to your business in ensuring the candidates who apply, match the criteria set for the job positions you have available. Finally, we’ll tell you about the many ways you can make extra money through Twitter, such as through Tweet subscriptions and promoted Tweets. We end with a summary of the course so far by using graphics on screen to remind you of the best content to tweet about, when to send it, and who to target it towards. We also reveal some surprising stats that will leave you excited at the prospect of using Twitter to find new customers and virtually ensure that you will win business and achieve ‘Twitter Success for your Business’.

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