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Do wants an easy way to keep your website up to date and why not?

Don’t pay a web designer just to update one picture or spend time learning html just to add a new page to your website.

The age of static website is gone and dynamic content rules the web today. People are becoming more and more demanding and no one will be attracted to some static web page sitting out there for months or years with no updates. Users will get bored with your web site and do not have any incentive to come back.

In order to stay relevant your web site must be updated daily. Updating a static website will cost you time and money, and in the long run even customers. How good will it be if you can update a website by yourself?

All your updates can be made online. You can make changes on the go: upload a podcast from the coffee shop, blog from your iPhone, post photos while you’re on the ski trip.

If you want a great looking website that can easily be updated with fresh content then use our contact form at the bottom of this page to send us an inquiry.

The Solution

A Content Management System means you can easily keep your website relevant and up to date without the cost of a designer or the need to learn complicated code.

The solution is to use CMS (Content Management System). It is a software that will allow you to manage your content using an internet browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox. You will edit and add information as easy as you compose emails. Every page, heading and paragraph will have the same consistent look and feel. Basically your website will be dynamic. In this way content can be updated as often as you want without any external help. You can make changes to the web site without knowledge of HTML or any other coding languages. You can update features such as new products or services, update product description, news about your company and so on. This will encourage users to return to your website to view the latest information.

Not so long ago this feature was expensive and was reserved only for big websites with resources, but not anymore. We now have WordPress, a revolutionary Content Management System.

Why WordPress as CMS

We recommend WordPress for all your CMS needs. WordPress stands tall among the family of CMS products; it is the most cost efficient developing and publishing tool available today. With WordPress in place there is no need to maintain the army of web designers and programmers – all updates to the web site can be handled by a single person through a Graphic User interface with just a few mouse clicks. Unlimited amount of pages and categories, WYSIWYG editor and integration with any design are just a few things to mention.

Once you use it, you won’t even remember how you developed before WordPress.

A Few Other Words about WordPress

WordPress is an Open Source project, which means there are hundreds of people all over the world working on it. (More than most commercial platforms.) It also means you are free to use, without paying anyone a license fee.

With WordPress you can:

  • update the content as often as they want
  • add as many pages as you want
  • insert photos
  • add news
  • write posts in a blog
  • have a full feature photo gallery
  • have members that can sign up
  • have a simple online shop
  • have a custom contact form that protects you from spam
  • have search engine friendly optimized website
  • have a feed aggregator like RSS or Atom

WordPress handles all this and much, much more.

Before you go to someone else for your next web site ask us for a quote here. Chances are starting at $1497 we can get your website up and running on WordPress. How about that?

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