The Processzeerebel


The first stage of the process is to define the exact goals of the project or business. The discovery phase clearly states the problem and contains all of the information needed. Understanding the business properly will allow us to develop a unique solution for you.


At this stage detailed project requirements and specifications are fully established. During this process both project goals and audience requirements are married to develop detailed site-maps and wireframes ready for the creative input and response.


This is when the vision of the project really starts to come to life as the visual elements are developed. Great attention to detail is given as designs are developed utilising standard web practice; valid HTML and CSS, web based content management systems and optimised graphics.


Big Bite is committed to the on-going success of all websites we create, and so the working relationship does not end upon the launch of a project. On a site basis, we will monitor all site for errors, performance, and visitor statistics plays an important role in long-term success.


From the start, we engage with our client’s specific issues and challenges providing powerful, strategic and impartial online marketing advice. We take time to understand your business and then embark on a journey of discovery to identify new opportunities for growth using our operational, strategic and e-commerce expertise.

Our mission is to create a solution that will accelerate growth and transform your bottom line. Our experts operate at the leading edge of innovation helping drive business growth, they know what works and apply ideas and tactics designed to drive performance and help you succeed online.

We design solutions with delivery in mind. We do the research, we know the concepts, the technologies and we bring everything together. Unlike some companies, we are your partners for the long-term and continue to work with you to optimise performance and increase profitability.

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